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Infrared Thermography Roof Inspections in Maryland

Thermal imaging is a highly beneficial tool many reputable roofing companies use to easily locate wet insulation and the source of leaks. Infrared roof surveys are used in buildings and commercial properties with low sloped and flat roofing systems. The inspection allows for property owners to make smart decisions about roof maintenance, repairs and new installation. If you recently purchased, sold or leased a building in Maryland, call TQRR, Top Quality Remodeling & Restoration, at 410-844-3111 to schedule an infrared roof moisture inspection. We have 39 years of experience in the roofing & interior/exterior remodeling industry and are experts at accurately evaluating & diagnosing urgent and future repairs.

TQRR Infrared Roof Leak Inspection Maryland

Infrared Roof Moisture Inspections

An infrared roofing system inspection detects and documents existing moisture problems, which saves property owners substantially on new installation or replacement costs. Whether through worn seals, deterioration, storm damage or age, water can enter the roof and cause costly damage including wood rot, rust and leaks. When left in disrepair, the entire structure will be deemed compromised and pose a safety issue for those who work inside the building. Moreover, water leaks from the roof can negatively impact the electrical system, machinery and inventory. Thermal imagining allows our roofing company to quickly, efficiently and affordable scan for trapped moisture without destructive tests.

Roof Leak Detection Equipment

TQRR uses only state-of-the-art infrared thermal imaging cameras for our commercial roof moisture inspections. Our professional roofers take several photos of the entire roofing structure in order to identify wet areas. Once the photos are processed, we’ll identify and mark all areas where repairs need to be made and come up with a tactical plan of execution. An infrared survey often confirms that only certain areas of the roof need to be repaired and eliminates the costly need for a reroofing or new installation. Protect your investment with regular thermal imaging inspections; at TQRR we recommend these scans at least once per year and after all severe storms.

Our roof leak detection inspections are available to businesses and commercial properties throughout Baltimore County, Howard County, Kent County, Carroll County, MD and the surrounding areas. If we find a wet spot in need of minor replacement or deem the roofing system too compromised for safety TQRR will recommend the necessary repairs or a new installation service. When you hire TQRR, you can guarantee you’re getting prompt service, honest pricing and the highest degree of craftsmanship at every turn.

TQRR Commercial Infrared Roof Inspections Maryland


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