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What to do When a Storm Causes a Fallen Tree on my Roof

Homeowners Guide to Precautionary Steps after a Fallen Tree Lands on Roof

TQRR Maryland Steps to Take After Fallen Tree Home RoofStrong storms are becoming more and more frequent in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia. High winds, heavy rain, hail and lighting frequently cause fallen trees to land on the roof of a home or commercial business. If you find yourself in this unfortunate and often dangerous situation you must know the steps to take for the safety of your family and building’s structure. Top Quality Remodeling & Restoration, LLC (TQRR) highlights precautionary steps a homeowner should take after discovering a fallen tree on the roof.

4 Steps to Take After a Tree has Fallen on your Roof

Evacuate your Household: Whether it is due to a fallen tree, lightening strike or flooding, every home should have an evacuation plan in place and a “bug out bag” packed and ready to go. If a large branch or tree falls onto your roof, evacuate your home and head for safety at a neighbor or close family member’s home.

Call 911: Even if the branch or tree seems small do not attempt the handle the situation on your own. Not only is it extremely dangerous to climb on top of your roof, if you cause any further damage it may be not covered through your insurance.

Once your family is in a safe location, call 911 and explain what happened. They will direct you in the correct course of action to take. Depending on the severity, the fire department or public utility service representative will be dispatched to your home.

Contact your Homeowners Insurance Company: Most homeowner insurance policies will cover part of the damage caused by a storm, including the cost of removing the tree. However, there are extenuating circumstances including the age and condition of the fallen tree or limbs. These factors could affect what (or if) the damage is covered

Hire a Professional, Experienced Roofing Contractor: In the event of emergency roof repair, whether from storm damage or a sudden leak, you should always have a roofing contractor that you trust.

Roofing Repair in Harford County, MD

TQRR has been providing repairs to roofing, siding, doors, windows & gutters from storm damage or general wear and tear for over 39 years! Our trusted contractors will walk you through every step of the Storm Damage Repair Process whether you go through your insurance company or TQRR does the repairs ourselves. We proudly serve Harford County, MD and the surrounding counties of Kent, Baltimore, Carroll and more.

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