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Have you ever woken up to a dripping ceiling and wondered if it's an emergency roof repair or something that can wait until daylight? If so, you're not alone. Many homeowners find themselves in this situation, and it can be a stressful experience.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to determine if your roof leak is an emergency. Here are a few signs that it is:

  • The leak is coming from multiple places
  • The leak is causing water damage to your home
  • The leak is getting worse over time
  • The leak is happening during a storm or other weather event

If you're experiencing any of these signs, it's important to call Top Quality Remodeling & Restoration as soon as possible. A delay could lead to further damage to your home and higher repair costs.

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I had the please of working with Gage throughout an insurance claim for a damaged roof with my residence in Delaware.  In dealing with such a huge undertaking as a roof replacement, I felt completely comfortable that the work being performed would leave me in better shape than ever and the quality of work was top touch.  Throughout the entire process he always stayed in touch and explained the ins and outs as to what was happening and why, along with Gage's patience to my many many questions.  Gage and his team went above and beyond to make sure I would never have any issues again for as long as I own the house which is a huge relief.  TQRR truly has experts working for them that take pride in their work.  If they are going to put their name on it, then they are going to hold themselves to the highest of standards.

It is sometimes rare now a days to find a company in which you can trust that isn't out to just make a buck off of you but TQRR is absolutely a gem for the home repair industry.  Highly recommend this company and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future on another project.

Steve Motter

After several storms met with Gage. He helped me contact insurance adjuster. Helped me every step of the way. Paper work was seamless. Installed entire new roof. I upgraded shingles and had such a comfort level hired them to do all new 6 inch gutter and downspouts and leaf guards. Did great job. Cleaned up everyday. Made repairs and painted drywall ceilings and we couldn’t be happier . We the Willard’s of Aberdeen MD highly recommend Top quality remodeling for any work you need done .

Robert Willard

TQRR did an exceptional job of replacing our old siding and rain gutters in addition to repairing some roof damage. They handled all aspects of the job flawlessly. Scheduling was easy and efficient. The materials and workmanship were definitely "Top Quality". On the final walk-through we really tried to find something for them to fix but could not honestly find any flaws. We highly recommend TQRR for your next renovation project.

It is sometimes rare now a days to find a company in which you can trust that isn't out to just make a buck off of you but TQRR is absolutely a gem for the home repair industry.  Highly recommend this company and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future on another project.

Jerry from Abingdon

We called TQR to come out and give us an estimate on vinyl siding our house, our shed and to replace our shutters.  Gabe, the Senior Project Manager, showed us many samples, explained what his company would do, and then came back to go over and explain everything included in the estimate.  Most contractors we have dealt with, just emailed us the estimate.  Gage came out several times a day to inspect and make sure things were going as planned and that we were happy with everything.  Gabe and the employees are all top notch and cut no corners.  They are extremely detailed, professional, mannerly and knowledgeable.  TQR's work was way beyond our expectations.  We are now going to use them to replace our floors, our roof and eventually our bathroom.  They are Top Quality for sure!

It is sometimes rare now a days to find a company in which you can trust that isn't out to just make a buck off of you but TQRR is absolutely a gem for the home repair industry.  Highly recommend this company and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future on another project.

Joyce Holbein

Common Causes of Emergency Roof Repairs

Prolonged Rain Showers

Homeowners in Maryland understand that sustained rainfall can adversely affect their roofs. Without prompt attention, minor issues can escalate, potentially necessitating professional intervention to prevent water damage throughout the home.

Neglecting Maintenance

Neglecting your roof can lead to numerous issues down the line. At Top Quality Remodeling & Restoration, we emphasize the importance of annual inspections to ensure roof health. Leaks, a common result of neglect, can cause significant damage if left unchecked.

Strong Winds

High winds can wreak havoc on roofs. They can strip away shingles, exposing your home to potential water damage from subsequent rain or snowstorms. Moreover, if the force of these gusts is strong enough, materials fastened by nails might get loosened or detached, compromising the very protection your roof offers to you and your home.


Hail storms can pose both safety and financial risks, potentially causing substantial roof damage leading to water infiltration and related issues if the roof isn't adequately prepared. It's crucial to collaborate with a knowledgeable roofing contractor like Top Quality Remodeling & Restoration in Maryland, ensuring your home is safeguarded against the ravages of such inclement weather.

Poor Installation

A recent study by The Maryland News Tribune on roofing revealed that poorly installed roofs could result in considerable inefficiencies, including a loss of up to 30% of heat during winter and a 50% reduction in cooling over time. Such deficiencies not only spike energy costs but also risk structural damage.

Ice Accumulation

In Maryland, the combination of strong winds and frigid winter temperatures can lead to a lesser-considered hazard: ice buildup on roofs. Just an inch of frozen rain or snow can add over 500 pounds of weight. This added burden can wreak havoc, from damaging gutters to causing water leaks through vulnerable areas or missing shingles. Over time, this excessive load can even result in structural failures.

Pests and Animals

A small presence of bugs, birds, or mammals on your roof might not demand immediate action. Yet, if these guests have created sizeable openings or notably damaged the shingles and underlying layers, it becomes urgent—especially if a storm is approaching.


Severe mold proliferation in your attic can escalate into a pressing issue. If it's caused by inadequate roof ventilation leading to condensation, a roofing expert can introduce the required ventilation to address the problem.

Clogged Gutters

If your gutter becomes clogged, it could escalate to an urgent situation, especially if it leads to significant water backflow onto the roof, potentially damaging shingles and the roof's underlying structure, and increasing the risk of water infiltration into the home.

Emergency Roof Repair Services in Maryland

Emergency roof repair is necessary for damages ranging from a tree falling onto your home to severe storms involving hail & high winds and interior water leaks. These types of emergencies will compromise your roof system, leaving your home or business property susceptible to mold growth or, even worse, a collapsed roof.

A professional, licensed roofer must be called immediately to begin the inspection and repair process to remediate damage to the roofing structure, as well as siding, gutters and the interior of your property.

Top Quality Remodeling & Restoration (TQRR), based in Abingdon, MD, offers emergency roof repair services for both residential and commercial clients in Maryland. Call 410-844-3111 anytime of the day or night to speak with a representative about your emergency roofing needs.

Emergency Roof Repair Checklist

Discovering that your roof leak is indeed an emergency can be daunting. Yet, it's essential to remain composed and follow these measures to address the situation:

  • Evaluate the risk: Determine if the situation is hazardous enough to warrant evacuating your home. For instance, if there's a potential roof collapse or significant flooding, prioritize the safety of your family and pets by leaving the premises. If damage was caused by a tree that also knocked down a power line, contact 911 or your utility provider immediately and avoid the affected area.
  • Avoid DIY solutions: Undertaking emergency roof repairs can pose a significant danger to you and potentially affect your insurance coverage. Refrain from climbing on or attempting to patch a damaged roof, even for a temporary solution. Such actions carry risks like falling off or through the roof. Moreover, self-repairs might invalidate your home insurance policy. Nonetheless, identifying the origin of the roof leak before the roofer's arrival can be helpful.
  • Reach out to trusted experts: Numerous roofing specialists provide round-the-clock emergency services, making them accessible even in the wee hours. Exercise caution when selecting a roofer, especially post-storm. Beware of transient or unskilled workers who offer dubious services after severe weather events. Opt for a licensed and adequately insured roofer to ensure top-notch repairs.
  • Mitigate interior damage: As you await the arrival of the roofing specialist, employ buckets to catch any dripping water, operate a dehumidifier if available, and take additional measures to minimize harm to your property and belongings.
  • Consult your insurance: Should you decide to reach out to your insurer, Top Quality Remodeling & Restoration is also available to document the extent of the damage and assist with the claims procedure. We can provide a detailed assessment of the harm your roof has endured.
  • Get Ready: Once you've obtained a quote from Top Quality Remodeling & Restoration, it might be time to prep your home for potential roof replacement. If the damage is extensive, consider making alternate living arrangements while the repairs are underway.

What Will TQRR Do in an Emergency?

When reaching out to TQRR for an emergency, what can you anticipate from the procedure? Understanding the expected steps and measures to safeguard your roof is crucial.

  • Evaluating the damage: Upon arrival, TQRR roofing specialists will inspect the roof to identify the extent of the damage. They'll pinpoint the origins of leaks and evaluate the necessary long-term solutions. While some situations may only require minor repairs, there could be instances where a full roof replacement is recommended. Your roofer will discuss the typical indicators that suggest a roof replacement and collaborate with you to decide the best approach for your home. They might also guide you on measures to alleviate pressure from leaks internally, like piercing a bulging ceiling.
  • Implementing a temporary fix: The TQRR team may opt to install a temporary patch or tarp on the impacted sections of your roof. This interim solution allows for added time to undertake thorough repairs. Ensuring this provisional protection becomes especially crucial if there's a forecast of upcoming rain or snow in your region before the roof restoration can be finalized.
  • Delivering an estimate: Following their assessment, the TQRR team will outline the necessary steps for roof restoration and damage repair, presenting you with a detailed written estimate. Should you decide to file an insurance claim, they'll also furnish you with relevant photographs and any additional documentation required for the process.
  • Schedule repairs: It's important to note that following significant storms, roofing professionals, including ours, often have a backlog of requests. Initially, they'll prioritize tarping roofs to mitigate additional harm and then typically address the homes with the most critical damage. Please keep your roofing team informed if your roof's situation worsens or if a tarp becomes unsecured during this period.

Residential & Commercial Emergency Roof Repair

Severe damage to your roof is an unsettling feeling for business and homeowners alike. You rely on your roof to keep your family, employees, pets, inventory and valuables safe and secure. When disaster strikes you need a reliable residential or commercial roofer to act in a fast and efficient manner to repair and restore your roof to full functionality. TQRR is backed by 40 years of professional industry experience and can handle a wide variety of emergency roof repair situations. Our team of roofers has the necessary skills to quickly inspect and repair damages on shingle, asphalt, rubber, metal and flat roofs.

Roofing Leaks & Damage Repairs

Besides damages caused by storms, the main culprit leading to an emergency roofing repair is persistent leaks. You can identify a leak issue by pooling water on your roof, leaks in your attic or, the worst case scenario, the constant dripping water has made its way to the interior of your home. If you notice any of these signs, call TQRR right away! Chances are parts of your roofing system are extremely compromised and an emergency roof repair or patching is necessary. Left alone over a period of time, roof leaks cause mold growth and structural damage, which are extremely dangerous conditions to live or work under.

TQRR proudly offers 24/7 emergency roof damage repairs & property restoration services for residential and commercial properties throughout Harford County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, MD and the surrounding areas. Call 410-844-3111 for a fast response, reliable service and quality roofing, siding and gutter repairs with a focus on safety.

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TQR was recommended and they replaced damaged window trim and rotted plywood underneath with all PVC, and painted with color match and did a great job. Dino was  very responsive and helpful from to scheduling, before, during and after job. Highly recommend and will use in future. Thanks so much!

Jersey Jen

I would rate this company higher if I could. I've worked with many contractors in the past and this company is top notch.  I needed a new roof and gutters for a 3,000 sq ft house.  TQRR helped me through the process, listening to my wants and concerns.  They guided me through selecting the right shingle type and color.  Continue reading ...

Alex Pfau