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Exterior Painting in Delaware

Exterior painting can be a great way to improve your home's curb appeal in Delaware. Whether you want to update the color of your home or simply refresh the existing paint job, our team of professional painters can help.

We specialize in exterior painting and have various colors and finishes to choose from. Plus, we offer add-on services like power washing and deck staining. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Here, you'll learn about:

  • Types of exterior painting
  • Benefits of exterior painting
  • Exterior vs. interior painting
  • 3 Signs to notice for repainting
  • Process of exterior painting
  • Things to know for exterior painting

Types of Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is the process of painting the outside of a building or home. It can include the trim, siding, windows, doors, gutters, and other exterior surfaces. 

Exterior painting is typically done to improve the curb appeal of a home or to update the color scheme. It can also be done in order to protect the exterior surfaces from weather damage.

There are different types of exterior paint, each with its own benefits. The most common types are latex, oil-based, and acrylic. Latex paint is easy to clean up and is typically less expensive than other types of paint. Oil-based paint has a longer drying time but creates a harder, more durable finish. 

Acrylic paint is a good option for painting surfaces that will be exposed to sunlight or extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of Exterior Painting

You might be wondering if you should do exterior painting or replace the sidings of your home. Here are some of the benefits of exterior painting, which will help you make an informative decision.

  • It can improve the curb appeal of your home, which can increase its value. 
  • A fresh coat of paint can also protect your home from weather damage and make it easier to clean.
  • Cheaper than replacing the sidings of your house.
  • Provides protection against bugs and insects.
  • Increases the lifespan of your building.

If you're considering exterior painting, be sure to consult with a professional painter to get the best results.

Exterior Vs. Interior Painting

Exterior painting is different from interior painting in a few ways. Knowing the difference between them can help you make the decision and save your money in the long run. 

Exterior Painting

First, because exterior surfaces are exposed to the elements, you'll need to choose a type of paint that can withstand sunlight and extreme weather conditions. 

Second, exterior painting often requires the use of ladders or other equipment to reach high areas. Finally, it's important to clean the exterior surfaces before painting to remove any dirt, dust, or debris.

Increased Property Value

Siding can substantially increase your home's value by protecting it from the elements, improving its curb appeal, and not requiring much maintenance.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is typically done to update a room's color scheme or to cover up the damage. Because interior surfaces are not exposed to the elements, you have more flexibility in terms of the type of paint you can use. 

Interior painting is also generally less expensive than exterior painting, and it can be a DIY project if you're feeling handy.

3 Signs to Notice for Repainting

If your home's exterior paint is starting to chip, fade, or crack, it's probably time for a new coat. Other signs that you need to repaint your home's exterior include peeling paint, mildew growth, and stains.

Consult with a professional painter if you're not sure whether your home needs a new paint job. They can inspect your home and give you an expert opinion.

Exterior painting is an important part of maintaining your home. Not only does it improve curb appeal, but it also protects your home from weather damage. If you're considering exterior painting, be sure to consult with a professional painter to get the best results.

Process of Exterior Painting

Here are the steps you'll need to follow for doing the exterior painting of your home or any other building.

  • Exterior painting typically begins with a thorough cleaning of all surfaces to be painted. It helps to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that could interfere with the paint job.
  • Once the surfaces are clean, a primer is applied to help the paint adhere better and provide a base coat of color.
  • Next, the actual paint color is applied in thin layers. 
  • The number of layers will depend on the type of paint being used and the desired results.
  • Finally, a sealant is applied to help protect the paint job from weather damage.

Things to Know for Exterior Painting

Before you do exterior painting in Delaware, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Choose the Right Time of Year for Exterior Painting in Delaware

The best time of year for exterior painting in Delaware is typical during the spring or fall. It's because the weather is not too hot or cold, making the paint job difficult. 

However, you should avoid painting during rainy or humid conditions, as this can cause the paint to run or streak.

2. Prepare Your Surface for Painting

Before beginning any exterior painting project, it's important to properly prepare the surface. It means cleaning all surfaces to remove any dirt, dust, or debris. You may also need to sand down rough spots or apply a primer before painting.

3. Select the Right Type of Paint and Finish for Your Project

There are many different types of paint and finishes available for exterior painting. The type of paint you choose will depend on the surface you're painting, the desired results, and your budget. Some popular types of paint include latex, oil-based, and enamel.

4. Get Creative with Color

Choosing the right color for your exterior painting project can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider, such as the color of your home's siding, trim, and shutters. 

You may also want to consider the surrounding neighborhood when choosing a paint color. To get started, take a look at some popular exterior paint color schemes. Then you'll know what color best suits your home or building.

5. Hire a Professional Painter for the Best Results

While exterior painting is a DIY-friendly project, hiring a professional painter for the best results is important. Professional painters have the experience and equipment necessary to complete a high-quality paint job. They can also offer advice on choosing the right type of paint, color schemes, and more.

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