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Storm Damage Repair in Maryland

Property damage to your home or business caused by a sudden, unexpected storm can be devastating and stressful, but the repair process shouldn’t add to your worry. TQRR, Top Quality Remodeling & Restoration, provides storm damage repair caused by severe weather including lightning, hail, high winds, heavy rain and more. With over 39 years of industry experience, our team of expert storm damage repair specialists will get your home back to pre-storm condition quickly, without compromising on quality work. Whether you need roof repair, siding replacement or new windows & doors, TQRR makes the repair process easy & worry-free. When an unexpected storm hits your home or business in Maryland, call the experts at TQRR!

Storm Damage Repair Services

Storm damage to your home or commercial building from hail, wind or rain should be inspected and repaired immediately. Lingering repairs can quickly cause further complications and more costly issues. TQRR provides storm damage repair services for the following:

Roofing: After a storm or hurricane hits, the first thing you must check is your roof. Since it is the largest and most important component of your home or business, damage cannot go unchecked or left unrepaired. Call our professional roofing repair experts for a free damage assessment.

Siding: A hail storm can cause large cracks in your siding, while high winds can lift parts of the siding. These instances are not just eyesores, but dangerous to the foundation of your home. Left exposed, moisture will seep into the foundation causing mold and extensive damage.

Windows & Doors: Cracked glass in your windows & doors is easy to identify. However, storms can also damage the framing and insulation, which is not easy to see to the untrained eye. A full window and door inspection is necessary to ensure your home is properly regulating temperature.

Gutters & Downspouts: Similar to siding, gutters are essential to keeping moisture away from your roof and foundation. If they’re compromised during a severe storm, they must be repaired and/or replaced before any extensive damage is caused.

Residential & Commercial Damage Restoration

While you can’t always prepare your home or commercial business for a powerful storm, you can ensure you have a professional storm damage repair company ready to help if the time comes. TQRR serves Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania with high quality customer service and quick, efficient storm damage repairs. We also offer interior and exterior remodeling services for your roof, windows, doors and siding. Call 410-844-3111 to discuss your repair or remodeling needs. 


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